Henrik Theiling

Real-Time Operating Systems on Modern Multicore Architectures

Modern hardware poses interesting challenges to both application designers and operating system developers. Complex multicore architectures are more and more used in embedded real-time systems, where the presence of strict timing constraints creates even more interesting challenges.  In this talk, the architecture of PikeOS, a modern real-time operating system, will be presented with the focus on partitioning. Some of the interesting challenges wrt. temporal behaviour of modern multicore hardware will be discussed, together with ongoing research to tackle them in PikeOS.  The overall goal is to achieve temporal isolation of partitions in the real-time system.

About Henrik Theiling:
Dr.-Ing. Henrik Theiling studied at Saarland University at Prof. Reinhard Wilhem’s chair, where he finished his PhD in 2003.  His primary research topic at University was static real-time systems analysis, particularly worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis.  In this area, he designed major parts of analysis tools for AbsInt GmbH in Saarbrücken, a company specialising in static analysis of real-time systems.  He joined SYSGO AG in 2011, where he is concerned with current European and German funded research projects, which are currently mainly concerned with real-time capabilities of multicore systems. He also is responsible for the PikeOS System Software, one of the key components of the PikeOS real-time operating system.