Arne Hamann

“Controlling Change in Cyber Physical Systems”

The talk highlights three challenges for controlling concurrent change in physically dominated systems, i.e. systems that are characterized by their strong interaction with the physical world. The first challenge is mastering non-trivial timing influences of added applications on the functional quality of control loops. The second challenge is detecting and preventing unintended functional dependencies between (separately working) applications leading to system failure. The last challenge concerns the interference between applications through shared actuators. Based on these three challenges important research questions are formulated.

About Arne Hamann:
Arne Hamann obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2008 from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. His PhD thesis was awarded the EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award 2009 in the category “New directions in embedded system design and embedded software”.  He is currently part of the Division “Advance Engineering of Software-Intensive Systems” at the Corporate Sector Research and Advanced Engineering (CR) of the Bosch Group. There he is responsible for a research activity that focuses on boosting design productivity and quality of modern, physically dominated automotive functions, including their implementation on resource-constrained hardware platforms.