Markus Buhlmann

“Software Change Scenarios for Safety Related ECUs”

In this talk we will give an overview of currently deployed techniques regarding software changes for safety related ECUs. We will then introduce highly integrated ECUs. Presenting the current issues in software development and change we will especially focus on safety requirements. We will eventually give a preview on upcoming scenarios emphasizing the requirements and challenges associated with dynamic software changes.

About Markus Buhlmann:
Mr. Markus Buhlmann has a diploma degree in electronic engineering from Technical University of Munich. He started 1992 within  Audi in the technical customer department. In 1999 he change into the technical development, where he was responsible in electrical development for CAN networks and after this for time triggered networks and FlexRay. In 2007 he changed to chassis development and was responsible for rear differential ECU. In 2010 he became team leader and since 2011 he is head of unit and responsible for vertical dynamics ECU’s and Softwareintegration.

About Stephan Krause (Co author):
Dr. Stephan Krause has a degree in computer science from University of Karlsruhe, where he also completed his doctorate degree in engineering (Dr.-Ing.) 2011 he started working at EFS GmbH. As a project leader he is responsible for the software development for highly integrated ECU in the chassis domain.